Restore Your Oral Health With Emergency Care Treatment

When you are experiencing a dental emergency, the last thing you want to worry about is where to go for help. You can trust our experienced team when you are in pain. There are very few situations that Dr. Rossler hasn’t seen with his 35-plus years of experience handling patient’s urgent needs. We even offer same-day appointments, in most cases.

A few common emergencies include:

  • If you have knocked out a tooth, first look for the tooth and put it in a glass of milk or container of saliva. If you are experiencing any bleeding, press gauze to the area for 10 minutes at a time. Then, make sure to visit us as soon as possible so we can replace your tooth. We can also discuss several restorative options if necessary.
  • If you have cracked or chipped a tooth, press gauze against the area if there is any bleeding and an ice pack to eliminate any swelling. Depending on the severity of the damage, we can repair your smile with a dental crown or with a cosmetic procedure like veneers.
  • If you have a toothache, rinse out your mouth with water and gently floss around the tooth. It may be a sign of gum disease or a cavity that needs treatment. It may also be a food particle that has gotten lodged in your tooth. Either way, we’ll get you out of pain so you can bite and chew with ease.

If you are nervous about treatment, you can relax in knowing that we use up-to-date technology to make sure any procedure is precise and efficient. We even have sedation, if necessary, to calm your nerves. No matter what your reason for needing to see an emergency dentist, we’ll treat you with the utmost care and compassion. Your oral health is our top priority!

For a dental emergency in Colchester, call us today at 860-321-8536 for an appointment or schedule online.