Ensure Quality Dental Care for Your Whole Family

We understand how much your family’s grins mean to you. When it pertains to dental treatment, we care for every person as if they were a family member of our very own. You’ll find care for practically all of your smile goals and we can even meet the needs of the youngest members of your family. Our services consist of:

  • General Dentistry – In addition to cleanings and examinations, we also perform treatment for gum disease, dry mouth, and bad breath. We also offer precautionary solutions like dental sealants and fluoride treatments.
  • Cosmetic Treatments – We provide an extensive selection of cosmetic choices that will certainly conceal your smile flaws and enhance your grin.
  • Restorative Dental Care – We’ll help you get your smile back and get you out of pain with choices such as dental fillings, dental crowns and bridges, root canals, and more.
  • Dental Implants – If you are missing teeth, these artificial tooth roots will act as a strong structure for your teeth replacements. You’ll be able to bite and eat much like usual!
  • TMJ Treatment – Find the solution for your teeth grinding habits with our TMJ therapy. We have several alternatives to address this problem and end the damage of this behavior.
  • Sleep Apnea – If you are fighting with daytime drowsiness or have been informed you snore by a bed companion, you’ll want to see us for help. You’ll get a comfortable oral appliance you can put on while you sleep to stop your snoring.

Our young clients love the dentist as well! We begin with happy visits to see to it they feel relaxed with us. As they grow older, we’ll clean and examine their mouth. We make it a fun visit with extra-large toothbrushes and stuffed animals.

If you are nervous about the dentist, you can choose from our sedation choices to help you remain totally relaxed. Most notably, we constantly see to it to address any type of questions or problems you have regarding any type of treatment. Your comfort is our top concern and we desire you to feel secure.

Bring your loved ones to a family dentist in Vernon who respects your needs. Call us today at 860-321-8536 for an appointment or schedule online. Inquire about our membership plan to benefit from exclusive price discounts!